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In the Norman Vexin, at the gates of Paris and Rouen, the Château de la Rapée is the ideal place to discover unsuspected riches
from this beautiful region which attracted so many painters including Monet and Pissaro. Between nature and culture, beautiful place to relax with discretion "







Imagine ........ The Hotel Château de la Râpée, only for you for a day or a weekend ........

Dream of an unforgettable wedding in a magical and enchanting place, 

Our establishment is the perfect

place for that.
Our team will do their best to satisfy you and make all these moments unique.
Together we will find the formula adapted to your desires.

360 PICS

How to Discover the Château de la Rapée other than in 360 °? This family chateau with the restoration of and services of qualities located in a small case of greenery and intimacy less than 2h drive from Paris.

Live a new experience
and continue by visiting this unique place and discover poeple with history and anectdoctes.

The Château de la Rapée is the ideal step between Paris and London. Discover the riches of this beautiful region
less than 2 hours from Paris.



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