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At 1 hour from Paris and Rouen, the Château de la Rapée is the ideal place to discover the unsuspected riches of this beautiful region that has attracted so many painters including Manet and Pissaro.

Philippe Bergeron

The last of Mr. and Mrs. Bergeron's children.
Trained at the Ecole Supérieure de Cuisine Ferrandi, then in renowned establishments in the Paris region, Philippe returned to his father's assistance in 1992.
His father entrusted him entirely with the destiny of the establishment a few years later. Since duet with Pascal his brother, gently but surely he has maintained the quality and tradition transmitted by his parents.
Philippe likes to please people.

Pascal Bergeron

Our restaurant manager and eldest son of Mr and Mrs Bergeron
He trained as a cook at the age of 15 1/2, at the Château de la Râpée.
"Very influenced by my father; I grew up around the stove.
Director of the restaurant since 1996 he also replaces his brother Philippe, the chef during his rest.
Pascal likes the exchange with his hosts, the meeting with people of different horizons and the dialogue with them. To transmit one's passion for one's craft and the kitchen is a real pleasure.


Our seamstress. With us since 2012 where she started as a maid.
She is the sister-in-law of Pascal Bergeron.
She likes to work with grated because it is a family business. Everyone knows each other and helps each other. "I feel at ease there."
His passions: horses, dogs.

Vincent Bergeron

Our waiter / receptionist is Pascal's son and grandson of Mr and Mrs Bergeron. He is of the third generation.
He joined the family clan in 2009. He enjoys working with his family.
He likes meeting new and different people to interact with them.
His passions: sports, music and cinema.


Our youngest member of the team. She is only 15 years old. Apprentice cook under the responsibility of Philippe Bergeron since July 2017.
She fulfills the dream of her mother who would have liked to be a cook.
His passions: horse riding and gymnastics.


Our kitchen clerk. Young dad of 2 children. He started at the Castle as an apprentice in 2014.
He agreed to stay with us because the work atmosphere is nice. He also likes to prepare the traditional and qualitative cuisine that is offered to our customers.
His passions: the car and the music.


Young apprentice indoors. Just 17 years old; he has been part of the team for 1 year.
He likes to learn his craft at Château de la Râpée because the staff, the clientele are very pleasant.
He wants to continue in the restoration; in an establishment like grated. "Beautiful House on a human scale".
His passion: mechanics.


Our maid. Young mother of a little Enzo aged 6 months.
Worked with us for a few consecutive seasons before
Devote to her maternity. She joined our team on September 01, 2017
His passions: cats, his family.


Our waitress has been with us since 2011. She started as an apprentice. And because she feels good at the Château, she wanted to continue her career.
Just a mother of 2 young children

Michèle Bergeron

Michèle Auber Bergeron. Wife of Phillipe Bergeron.
She joins the team to take care of the event part of our establishment.
Rich of 16 years experience in the position of General Housekeeper in prestigious establishments of the Barrière Group. From La Baule, via Dinard and finally to Deauville, Normandy Barrière, she acquired a sense of rigor and organization unparalleled. To perfect her know-how, she followed the training of Wedding Planner at the Jaelys Institute, Paris; renowned school in the field.
She loves to please. His goal: customizing events to make them unique.

Monsieur Colin

Our diver / gardener.
In office for 20 years. He has known the 3 generations of the Bergeron family.
Has lived some memorable moments at the grated.
And when he's not working, he likes gardening and spending time with loved ones.

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